We believe that applying an integrated, after-tax approach to wealth management is the optimal advice model for affluent investors. As part of our approach, we review with our clients and then analyze all aspects of their assets and financial goals in order to deliver advice and solutions from a holistic perspective.

We have committed ourselves to independence and have designed and utilized an open architecture platform that takes into account the complete picture. To this end, we have consistently and intentionally worked to remove potential conflicts of interest. M Wealth’s sole compensation is paid by our clients, and thus our strategy and product selection are always in their best interest.

We believe strongly in the following points of differentiation for M Wealth.

Even though we have seen a disruption we believe that fundamentally Markets Work – that the price established by buyers and sellers in most markets is the best estimation of current value:

  • Risk and return are intimately related
  • Broadly diversified, more passive asset-class strategies are most effective for public equity markets
  • Active security selection is better used in less efficient private and fixed
    income markets
  • Matching client assets with current and future goals and liabilities drives
    asset allocation
  • Minimizing tax and investment management expenses allows for cost efficient access to market return

We match your objectives with financial tools to fit the timeline and characteristic of each goal and it all begins with your family financial portrait.