About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is clear – we provide trusted financial solutions and the tools to implement those solutions, which can help you achieve your unique life goals. We handle the details, monitor, report, and make adjustments as you navigate life’s challenges. For over thirty years we have been creating solid foundations for our clients, their families and businesses. We know that each family and every business has its own unique needs, priorities and values, each requiring a special approach.

Though we may use products to accomplish your objectives we aren’t about products. We are about the process and more importantly, the outcome. We’re in business to serve! We listen to our clients and we believe we’re putting your time – and your money – to good use. That’s the philosophy we started with and its the philosophy that still guides us today.

The organization promotes ethical behavior through program offerings that go beyond the “rules” of market conduct in an effort to help executives and producers be more sensitive to ethical issues and think more critically about ethical solutions.

Our Longstanding Relationship with M Financial Group

Mack Financial is a stakeholder and proud Member Firm of M Financial Group, an elite financial services company, owned by its members and management team. M Financial’s mission is to support its member firms by providing intellectual services and products specifically designed for the affluent market. As part of the largest group of like-minded advisors in the United States, providing services to more than one out of five families with assets exceeding $5 million, and more than 140 offices nationwide, we can help you reach your goals wherever you live – and we bring the best of our national resources to you.

Our association with M Financial provides many benefits to our clients including:

  • Institutional pricing on M Financial products
  • The option to choose multiple carriers through an “open architecture” model
  • Less intrusive underwriting requirements
  • Direct access to insurance carriers’ product development and designs
  • Improved pricing and performance specifically intended for the affluent market

We’re very proud of our Membership with M Financial Group. For more than thirty years, we’ve combined our talents to serve and support affluent multigenerational families, their businesses, and the highly compensated executives that are our clients.

Our Gold Standard

Treating others as we expect to be treated is, has been and will be our guiding principle. As principled people we do our best to supply you with timely information and advice allowing you to act with wisdom in reaching for all of your financial goals. These are the core values we live every day.

Knowledge is the fact or state of knowingas from study or investigation.

Truth is the actual state of a matter that is a verifiable and an indisputable principle.

Wisdom is the knowledge of what is true and right coupled with proper judgment and action.

It is our objective to supply you with verifiable knowledge allowing you to act with wisdom reaching all of your financial goals.

Our Community

We believe we are stewards for our families, our clients, and our community. When given the choice, we choose to be farmers and caretakers of the community. Instead of taking the wealth from the ground and leaving a hole, we choose to work the land responsibly and leave it a better place than when we found it. We build strong relationships within our community and create Mack Financial clients for life.