Independence, while valued and important when rendering advice, can be a negative if it is not coupled with the support structure of a great organization. Mack Financial Group, Inc. is indeed fiercely independent and will remain so. We value our ability to make decisions with our clients that reflect their goals and not ours or some bureaucracy in an ivory tower.


We are members, stakeholders, and an integral part of M Financial Group. Since 1978, M Financial Group continues to be a leader in providing financial services. We are pleased to share the same philosophy as M Financial and more than 140 of our fellow Member Firms throughout the United States.

“We are one of the nation’s largest independent financial services design and distribution networks serving the affluent and corporate markets. M Member Firms are comprised of the industry’s most successful, independent organizations.

Carefully chosen from among the elite leaders in the industry, our Firms are committed to serving individuals and institutions in the most ethically responsible and strategically sound manner. While they may specialize in specific fields, all are experts in dealing with the complex issues that face their clients. M Member Firms are community focused, committed to improvement and growth.

Member Firms benefit from a unique competitive advantage—their clients have access to exclusive products and pricing created because of their own collective buying power and experience. As a result, we can consistently develop innovative products available only to Member Firm clients. Member Firms also deliver exemplary client service, which reflects a clear commitment to building relationships for the long term.”

–  M Financial Group (

Over 145 M Member Firms…