MFG Insider- December

MFG Insider – December

The Scouting Report: Business and Millennials

Alexander Mack

During the next four months “The Scouting Report: Business and Millennials” will provide an inside look at how current business students are being trained for the workplace, their strengths and weaknesses, and their aspirations in the business industry.  Make sure to subscribe to the MFG Insider to keep up with this series of articles.millennials

As young millennials finish their college education and get ready to head into the professional business world, they will be able to offer brilliant ideas and innovative mindsets.  Creative classes, lectures and career workshops have left the next generation of business students oozing with talent and creativity.  But what should the professional business leaders of today be aware of when hiring these young business professionals?

There are different factors that have led to the rise in the entrepreneurial and imaginative spirit, but the most prominent is the rise of technology in daily life. This next generation of business professionals have only known flat screen TVs, iPhones, Twitter, and the cloud. Their minds wander every day on not what is possible, but what is deemed impossible.

But I see how technology has been both a blessing and a curse for these young men and women. While technology has allowed for limitless knowledge to be shared instantly and globally, it has also provided a crutch for too many young people. Click, and it’s done. Touch the icon, and it’s been sent. There’s nothing difficult about “googling” the answer, but it is hard to answer the questions “why?” and “how?” I see it every day – everyone on their iPhones waiting for someone else to be decisive and take the lead. Someone will make a beautiful agenda for a meeting or provide a well-organized preparation guide, but nothing comes of it, because the work lies in the execution. The effort to not just to get the ball rolling, but to push it up the hill when no one else will. That is where I feel this generation is lacking.  They want to be successful in what they do, but success takes serious time and a concerted effort. There is no icon to click and there is no app for hard work.

The good news, though, is that the young men and women who do make the concerted effort, who take the challenging route, who do the hard work really stand out. It’s quite evident in the way they speak, the questions they ask, and the way they treat others. They will stand out in interviews with the stories they tell, with their approach and their conduct, and with their attitude. They work hard for themselves and for others. When someone fails to do their part, they follow through with whatever needs to be done. So, seek out the young business professionals who are eager to play a part on your team. They will probably find you first so be open to their energy and eagerness.  They have worked hard to prepare for their future and they are eager to see their continued hard work pay off.


The next issues of MFG Insiders will cover the topics the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of young millennials in business.

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