Our Focus

Affluent Families

For many affluent families what was once routine has become increasingly complex. Often, the last time a new client had their wealth transfer and insurance plans reviewed was when they were first established. We believe in systematic reviews of our clients’ wealth transfer and estate planning goals.

Whether the goal is multiple generational estate planning, simplified legacy planning, charitable planning or long term care planning, we can provide clarity and direction to the process.

We help families build and sustain their legacy for multiple generations. Life insurance often plays a vital role in the process yet too often it is a “one and done” solution. The process of obtaining, implementing and managing life insurance can often be complicated and frustrating. Our team can recommend practical and understandable solutions to bring certainty to the process.


Talented executives and professionals face the issue of growing and protecting their income and assets for their families. High income earners are limited in their participation in qualified employer-sponsored plans, often leaving them significantly underfunded when retirement arrives. Employer group term life insurance plans seldom achieve the goal of providing current and future income protection for the executive’s family. Additionally, a typical disability plan is limited to an income often well below their needs and the thought of actually needing and using long term dependent care seems so far off into the future that most people disregard it. We provide solutions that are unique – avoiding “off the shelf” products through our relationship and ownership in M Financial Group.


You compete in the marketplace every day and your front line executives and professionals have never been more important to your success. Compensation plans for key executives are increasingly important. Designing, implementing, and managing effective benefit and retirement programs for top executives and professionals is something we do well.

Whether it’s high income disability insurance, specialized life insurance, qualified retirement plans or supplemental retirement programs, we have unique solutions for unique people.