401(k) Seminar

401(K) LUNCHEON SEMINAR, June 7, 2016

Update – New DOL Rules and Regulations

We understand everyone has a great deal going on, so we wanted to provide a brief overview of the 401(k) Seminar we recently hosted on the new DOL rules and regulations.  Below are some highlights of the conversation:

  • A few major provisions to the 2016 DOL Regulations include:
    • New definition of “investment advice”
    • Necessity of a “recommendation” to be considered a fiduciary
    • Effective and applicability dates
  • Impacts on plan sponsors:
    • Plan sponsor trustees responsible for hiring an investment advice fiduciary
    • Investment adviser’s compensation may not vary based on the recommendations
    • Additional disclosures may be required for plan sponsors and participants

    If you would like to learn more about this topic, please contact us at [email protected] or 317-805-6700.

     MFG Retirement Services Team

Retirement Services Team

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