Executive Life Insurance

Trying to provide meaningful life insurance benefits outside of the group plan can be difficult because of the restriction within the group plan and what can be onerous tax results. We can provide your company with a custom designed life insurance benefit using our proprietary life insurance products.

These cost-effective life insurance plans are specifically designed for the executive benefit marketplace. These plans are structured so that the premiums are paid for either directly by the employer or indirectly, through a salary and/or bonus to the employee. An executive life insurance plan has many benefits for both the executive and employer. The executive is the owner of an ever-increasing asset, has access to cash values on a tax-favored basis, and has permanent life insurance coverage. The company benefits from improved economics (contributions are tax deductible) and gains a retention benefit at a minimal cost.

A properly structured executive life insurance plan can replace existing group term life insurance coverage with an enhanced benefit that is more efficient for the company and more attractive to the executive.