Non-Qualified Plans

Qualified Plans are wonderful instruments in assisting most of your employees with their retirement goals. There is one large drawback however; your most productive and valued employees are generally barred from saving enough in their qualified retirement plan to replace enough of their current income to ensure a successful retirement.

Non-Qualified Plans can be designed for a select group of highly compensated employees that will allow them to save enough of their current income to reach their retirement income goals.

Mack Financial utilizes our combined national strength and planning tools to implement non-qualified plans for local mid-sized companies that are often left out of the non-qualified opportunities. M Financial and our Member Firms currently work with almost half of the Fortune 500 executive benefit plans. At Mack Financial we make the best options of big corporate plans available to your company. Our firm offers specialty services, products, and a proven disciplined process to help you design, implement, manage, and informally finance an Executive Reward and Retention Strategy.