Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning begins the day you begin working. Mack Financial provides both corporate and individual qualified and non-qualified retirement planning.

Corporate Clients: As a Plan Sponsor you have an important and crucial responsibility for your company’s retirement plan. We understand the fiduciary obligations that a Plan Sponsor faces and help you meet those obligations.

Today’s evolving and complex retirement landscape requires advisors who can assist plan sponsors and fiduciaries in timely and disciplined manner. Your need for advisors who are independent and objective support is greater than ever.

Plan sponsors have an important responsibility to establish and maintain retirement programs that are attractive to both sponsors and participants. Our specialty services are designed to give plan sponsors
and fiduciaries full confidence that they are meeting their respo nsibility to maintain a sound and
competitive retirement program and help mitigate risk by establishing prudent policies and procedures to:

• Analyze plan fees and expenses
• Benchmark plan investments
• Educate employees

401(k) Luncheon Seminar Recap

Learn more about our annual 401(k) Luncheon Seminar. Hosted by the MFG Retirement Services Team with guests from Nationwide Financial.

We work with you to ensure your retirement programs: are priced fairly and efficiently; capture competitive investment returns by having a disciplined process for evaluating investment options; meet your retirement needs of your participants—including highly compensated employees; and adequately educate employees on making sound investment decisions.

Our specialty services are designed to give plan sponsors and fiduciaries full confidence they are meeting their responsibility to maintain a sound and competitive retirement program. Our process—including review, analysis, management and oversight—helps clients scrupulously maintain plans such as:

  • 401(k) Savings Plans
  • Thrift Savings Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Money Purchase 401(a) Plans
  • 403(b) Savings Plans (ERISA and Non-ERISA)
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Retirement Services Team

Quinn Buckner

Senior Partner

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Holly Hynes

Director of Retirement and Client Services

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